The Boccia score system is a timekeeper developed by boccia players as a modern replacement for old timekeeper solutions.

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Unlimited possibilities

You have freedom!

Control by mobile device

You can control the timer completely with a tablet or cell phone via WiFi connection. So you can walk freely on the court and control the timekeeper at the same time!

Any combination

You can set any values for each player independently, you cas set a countdown to any time!

Complete package

You get everything you need and packed in a practical case in which you can carry the timer, so it will be safe and you will have everything together! You can see the contents of the case in the gallery.

Extended usage

The timer does not have to be a single-purpose device, it is built on a standard minicomputer with an USB and HDMI ports, so you can use it for other purposes as well! E.g. as a multimedia center through which you view multimedia (movies, TV station archives, YouTube, photos) on your TV or projector.


Choose a variant according to your needs!


Complete set ready for immediate use. You will receive a minicomputer, a tablet, all the necessary cables and power supplies in the case, and a control application pre-installed and set up on the tablet.

BO:S:S Lite

Set without tablet. If you want to use your own tablet or mobile phone, a cheaper option will suffice. In the case you will get a minicomputer and all the necessary cables and power supply. For operation, you must install the application on your mobile device (only Android version 4 and higher is supported) and connect to a minicomputer according to the instructions.

Mobile application

You can download the application for Android mobile devices

Installation instructions

Administration guide

Usage instructions

User guide


We make our own boxes, efficiently and precisely

If you are interested in purchasing a timer, do not hesitate to contact us. Price starts at € 190,- incl. VAT for one timer without a tablet and we offer volume discounts!

Development, production and sales are provided by the company ATACK software, s.r.o., VAT ID: CZ06340491.